Digital Imaging system
Suitable to capture, edit and mesure your samples
Extremely high optical quality
Mesurement functions
Export to Office
International localization
Electronic camera arm with memory
Broad configuration abilities
System functions:
- live view
- auto/manual focus
- measuring in photos
- measurement values stored in a table with min/max values, median values, can be fitted with comment and texts
- measured values can be together with comments exported to MS Office
- functions for batch saving
- automatic saving after capture
- editing images, marking details, entering comments, texts
- automatic timer capture
- calibrated measure insert
- cut out and detail cut outs
- rotation of the images
- dimensions change
- histogram adjustment
- filters: sharpening, blur, negative, greyscale
- white balance auto/manual
- black balance. using reference point
- marging of details using lines, pointers, arrows, circles, rectangles, freehand shapes
- two monitors workflow support
- line measurements with option to upgrade to measuring also segment line, measuring of the surface and circumference of eliptic and circle shapes, rectangle and polygon, angle measurement, distance of two parallels, arc measurement

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